How Much Is My Bill?

and welcome, thank you for visiting today. Millions of UK households are concerned about rising Gas and Electric bills. With the aid of this simple calculator, you will be able to work out how much your Gas and Electric is costing you each day, each week or each month depending on the metered data you enter.

Be your own Smart Meter and check your energy costs at any time without waiting for a bill. Phone Apps, (3rd Party or Energy suppliers own) and online accounts are ok for some, but you might want to take control yourself and know exactly what your bill is at anytime. That is the USP of this domain, it is the most accurate online method of calculating what your bill is at anytime. This virtual bill is really the least that Energy Suppliers should be providing to you as part of their customer service.
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Please read the 'Notes' page before using this Form. Also where ever you see a click it for 'Help' on that area of the Form. Please note that not every yellow text box on the Form needs to be completed, only the ones that are applicable to your bill. There are two videos to use as visual guides as well.

NB If you navigate away from this page the Form is reset, therefore the 'Notes' and 'Help' links will open in a new window. If you need any help with the Form, please ask on the social media page / comments page / email link below.

  Start Date      
  End Date      
  Number of Days   #   #  

( # will also take a manual entry )

  Meter Readings  
  Start (day)      
  End (day)      
  Units Used (day)      
  Start (night)#        
  End (night)#        
  Units Used (night)        
  Unit Prices  
  Standing Charge      
  kWh (day)      
  kWh (night)#        
  kWh (EBRS)        

Gas Calculation Formula

  Select Meter Type    
  Vol Correction    
  Calorific Value *    
  kWh Conv    

  VAT Inclusive in Unit Prices (No/Yes/NA)    
  VAT %    
  Energy Bill Relief Scheme (No/Yes)    
  1. Calculate gas units used by subtracting the Start Reading from the End Reading.
2. Convert from Imperial to Metric by multiplying the units by 2.83 (if meter is  Metric use 1).
3. Multiply by volume correction factor (1.02264).
4. Multiply by calorific value (should be shown on your latest bill).
5. Divide by kWh conversion factor (3.6).
NB 1 - 5 is an explanation of how gas kWh is calculated. The Form will calculate this for you.
  If you want to replace the calculated gas kWh figure with your own figure, enter in this text box.    
            *  Possibly can change and is only known when the bill is received.  
            ** If the bill is electric only. DO NOT change these gas dates.  
            #  These can also be used if there are 2 Periods of day readings.  
v14           Enter the Balance B/F from last period (see if it's a Debit Balance)    

Estimated Bill For The Period

      CR   DR  


  Balance Brought Forward From The Last period      
  Plus Payments Made In This Period -        
  Misc Adjustments -      

  ***  Current Estimated Balance  ***      

Average Cost / Period


  Electricity   Gas   Total  
  Monthly (31)        


Average kWh / Period


  Electricity   Gas   Total  
  Monthly (31)        


The Daily/Weekly/Monthly average cost/kWh figures are based solely on the usage in this bill period, which are useful as they give an idea on what your current energy budget is.

For the above Annual cost/kWh figures, be aware that tariff rates can change during the year, and season usage fluctuation will also have an influence, therefore its almost impossible to predict a cost, and usage can only be based on a whole year's figures and not a projection based on snapshot of the year.

If you notice an error or have any comments then please feel free to contact me.
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